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Thursday 4th June

Literacy Yesterday you wrote your imagined conversation between the man and the boy for the short film ‘A Cloudy Lesson’. Today I would like you to draw the clouds that you would like to create if you had the magic, cloud blowing wand. Then I want you to describe them using interesting vocabulary – makeContinue reading “Thursday 4th June”

Wednesday 3rd June

Literacy I really love the short film (A Cloudy Lesson) that we watched yesterday.  I hope you do too. The film is silent – which makes me wonder what the boy and the man are saying to each other as they explore the cloud making machine.    To begin with I think they are disappointed withContinue reading “Wednesday 3rd June”

Tuesday 2nd June

Hello lovely Year 3, Ms Bishop here. I hope you have all had a lovely half term break. Unfortunately, at the moment Ms Gema is not very well, so while she gets better I am going to be updating your blog each day. Literacy I hope you enjoy this short film, which is called AContinue reading “Tuesday 2nd June”

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